I’m Summer Felix-Mulder.


I’m an entrepreneur, mom, step mom and pretty darn good wife. I’m also an author, podcast host, coffee lover by day and wine lover by night (and sometimes day).

I listen to podcasts and books on audible all the time! I’m constantly gathering information and I am obsessed with being better at everything I do. I want to get better at being a mom, step mom, wife, business owner, writer… hip-hop dancer (this one is hard!) 

Now, there is no one right way for anyone to do anything. Whether you're looking to build your business or create a better bond with your step-daughter. There is what is right for you. But, I have spent many years worrying about doing what was right according to other people’s standards. Mistake! Doing this only made me feel bad and question what was inherently right for me. 

Still, I love that I can learn about what works for others and what doesn’t. What I hope is to bring that same gift of sharing my experience with you. 

With four kids, multiple businesses and a drive that won’t quit, I’ve accepted that things will never settle down. And you know what? I actually really like that.

Welcome. You can expect to see my thoughts on being a total boss lady, dominating in marketing and everything business, being a wicked cool wife, talking all things blended family (the good, the bad, the “did she just talk about that?!”) and what I do to be the very best me that I can be day in and day out.

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